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I shop on both sides, she added, suggesting that shops abolish male and female sections altogether, writing: I dont need your style suggestions. Ford continued by arguing that the concept of dividing clothes shopping online buy now pay later by gender is fundamentally flawed, given that the average person shopping b h probably owns clothing with both feminine and masculine attributes. She used the example of brands selling mens jeans to women and branding them boyfriend jeans, claiming that these often cost more than they would

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At stake is a $120 billion fashion market that was almost entirely dominated by brick-and-mortar stores until a few years ago, but is transforming amid the proliferation of smartphones and home delivery. Online fashion sales have grown to over 10 percent of the total Japanese market in the past few years - with Zozotown at the head of the pack - and are likely to surpass 20 percent in three years, according to Nomura Securities. There needs to be a second player, and we are

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